Decreasing Term Assurance

A Shari’ah compliant plan designed to cover the outstanding amount of a mortgage, personal or business financing amount against Death and Disability. The Takaful cover reduces on a scheduled basis.

Level Term

A Shari’ah compliant flexible plan designed to provide customized protection for individuals. Medgulf Takaful will pay a Takaful Cover in case of Death or Disability of the Protected Person.


A Shari’ah compliant plan designed to provide the Parent with the option to financially secure their child’s school education. In the unfortunate event of Death or Disability of a Parent, Medgulf Takaful will pay the Takaful Cover on a scheduled basis.

Unit Linked – Savings and Protection Plans with attractive Shari’ah compliant investment funds

  • Ajyal – Protection for your child’s future education under unforeseen circumstances.
  • Thamarat – A Single Contribution plan focusing on high investments.
  • Tharaa – A Regular Contribution plan for future savings
    • The participant may invest additional contributions.
    • Benefits such as Death and Disability along with many others are offered by Medgulf Takaful.


A Shari’ah compliant simplified plan, designed to provide instant and comprehensive Death coverage for individuals at affordable prices.