How to declare your claim

You must obtain a police report as this is required by law to process your claim. This is also required by the workshop to carry out the repairs on your vehicle.

  • Original police report;
  • Copy of the Vehicle Registration Renewal Payment Receipt / Contract Schedule;
  • Copy of the valid driving license (both sides)of the driver .
  • Copy ownership card both sides.
  • Traffic fees receipt.

Furnish all the above said documents and visit our motor claims department in Salmabad to intimate or register the claim.

Please remember it is important that you report any accident /damage to your vehicle first to traffic police and then to us immediately.

If you are entitled to repair in Agency according to your contract, then your vehicle will be repaired at the vehicle’s authorized dealership. Otherwise you can choose the garage from our list when you open the claim.

As part of our contract benefit and services we have been provided to our comprehensive insured, such as:

  • Flat tyre
  • Lock out
  • Out of fuel
  • Jump start, etc…..

If you require any said service, please feel free to call on 80001070 or whatsaap 36818884